5 Ways to Support Your Aesthetic Practitioner During The Lockdown

It’s a pretty confusing time, huh?

  • March "Stay home, protect the NHS, save lives"
  • July "Stay alert, control the virus, save lives"
  • Aug "Hands. Face. Space."
  • Sept "Tier 1-5"
  • Nov "Lockdown #2"

It's all a bit crap!

Usually, at this time of year, we'd be starting to think about...shhhhh...Christmas...Christmas parties, Christmas plans, Christmas outfits, Christmas presents.

We'd be gearing up to soak up festive cheer at the Christmas markets. Popping to the shops to get ideas for presents or get booked in for those treatments that would help your skin get through the transition from summer to winter or give you that extra glow ready for the office Christmas do.

That surge in business hitting our high streets is, for some businesses, the point at which they become profitable during the year. Due to the current pandemic, that surge is just not there. Like other close-contact businesses, many practitioners have lost their livelihoods for the second time this year.

But, they are a resilient and resourceful bunch.

They picked themselves up and adapted so incredibly well. They opened up their homes and time to us with online skin consultations. They packaged up our skincare recommendations and sent them direct to our doors.

We are now BIG on skincare. We've become 'skintellectuals'. Those things that your practitioner harped on about LONG before lockdown #1 - you know, retinol, chemiexfoliation, SPF (EVERYDAY), Vitamin C & E. Hands up if these have finally become a staple of your skincare routine! Hands up if you are now a convert to a decent skincare routine!

The time has again come to support our local, favourite, amazing aesthetic practitioners (and hairdresser, nail artist, flower shop, and many more small businesses) during this turbulent time.

There are five key ways you can do this - some of which literally cost you nothing but time...

1. Write a review

If you’ve had a great experience with your aesthetic practitioner, share it in a Facebook or Google review, or reply to that Glowday Review request email. Whether it’s to say that she or he is lovely, how professional they were, how amazing your results were, how spotless the clinic was, or anything else that’s positive, head online and recommend them anywhere you can. Not only will this give them the boost they need at the moment, but it will also allow more people to find them and be able to book with them when they reopen.

We, as clients, spend a lot of time deliberating aesthetic treatments and the clinics we want to visit, and looking at reviews can be a really useful way of figuring out the good, the bad and the plain terrible. If your practitioner is the former, sing it from the rooftops - or at least write it in a review.

2. Engage on social media

I, personally, love seeing a lot of the amazing advice that many practitioners are sharing at the moment. If you see that your practitioner has shared a useful/ interesting/ funny post on social media, like it, comment on it (with more than just an emoji) and share it to your stories. This will really help them get seen by others.

I've also seen lots of practitioners asking what their followers would like to hear from them on social media while they are closed. So, if you're curious to hear more about a specific treatment or want to hear more from your favourite practitioner, let them know.

3. Showcase their incredible work with a selfie

If you’ve got a great selfie of you looking incredible after a treatment (of course you do!), get it on Instagram or whatever your social media channel of choice is and tag your practitioner to show off your gorgeous skin/ lips/ jawline/ lack of crow’s feet and their amazing work. This will really help them gain the trust of new clients when we are allowed back out to play.

4. Buy gift cards for future treatments

Another great way that you can really show support for your aesthetic practitioner during the coronavirus lockdown is to purchase gift cards online. Many sell them on their websites, and buying them now will mean that you will be able to pay for (or put it towards your next treatment. Think of it as savings! So that when clinics have reopened, you won’t even have to think about the financial aspect. From a business perspective, this means your practitioner will still be taking in some money during this difficult time, when clinics are closed, which they may be very grateful for at the moment.

5. Book an online skin consultation

If you’re anything like me, you’ll already be thinking about how your skin and hair need sorting out already - but who knows how long it’ll be before normality resumes. If your skin is looking dull, dry or in need of some love, get in touch with your aesthetic practitioner and see if they can do an online skin consultation. What does this mean? Well, it could be a FaceTime, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts or Zoom call (or any other app of your choice) that allows your practitioner to see your skin and offer advice and recommendations - just as they would in their clinic.

At the moment, these types of video calls are perfect for staying in touch with friends and family, so why not extend this to your practitioner and get your skin under control? Plus, you can have your usual catch up at the same time!

You may even be able to purchase medical grade skincare products, based on your practitioner’s suggestions, that can be delivered straight to your door. Not an angel dusted product in sight!

So, until their doors open again - and, my god, I CANNOT WAIT until that amazing day comes - get on social media and support your aesthetic practitioner in any way you can. Trust me, they will be so grateful you did.

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