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Botox At The Barbers? It's A Thing!

Glowday thinks this is a GENIUS idea. Marie Fuller, from Elysiphi Aesthetics has recently partnered with a barber's shop to give men greater and better access to Botox, fillers, skincare, tear trough fillers and liquid nose jobs. The whole offering is fantastic for the guys and of course, Marie being Marie, doesn't just fill and flee - she offers so much more to support men's wellbeing. This goes far beyond Brotox. We caught up ex military nurse Marie, to get the lowdown on her new venture.

What new space have you taken?

ElysiPhi has recently partnered with Morton's Barbers in Downham Market, Norfolk. Morton's is a well established Barbershop, who has opened a Men's Room within their premises. A stunning studio in the heart of the shop designed to provide counselling and safe treatments including aesthetics and tattooing.

Morton's Barbers, offering so much more than a short back and sides!

Why have you decided to do this?

Well I do currently offer treatments for men within my Long Sutton and Chatteris clinics. My patients often report how long it has taken them to choose a clinic to attend. Often citing lack of knowledge and confusing treatment menus as a reason. The associated "fake look" seen on some social media accounts only exacerbates this delay in accessing a clinic. Together with Morton's, I hope to resolve this by providing a safe space within a familiar environment. It's all about breaking down some barriers and smashing stigma. Consultations are available to anyone who wishes to discuss tweakments and skin care.

Marie has delivered workshops to men educating them about non-surgical aesthetic treatments and the benefits they bring!

Are more men seeking treatments?

Yes, I believe so. I have certainly experienced this within my own practice. Treatments have become more accessible and affordable across the country. This coupled with the desire for self improvement both mentally and physically post pandemic.

Do you think men will feel more confident going ahead with a treatment because you're in a barber's, rather than a traditional clinic which tend to feel very 'female'

I certainly think having access to a medically trained professional is an advantage. I recently delivered a small workshop for the lads working in Morton's Barbers. This was a great opportunity to talk to them about the different treatments I can offer and the benefits they can provide to their customers. They can now confidently talk about what is available. Having me onsite means there is a real option to find out information, but there's never any pressure for anyone to have a treatment.

What are good treatments for men?

Skin care and facials! I am a firm believer in skin first - always. Men have larger pores, making them more visible and exposed to dirt and bacteria. The higher levels of testosterone means men naturally produce more oil. The combination of excess oil and larger pores can lead to blocked pores, blackheads and pimples. So providing a bespoke skin care routine is a great start for anyone.

Injectable treatments which address lines, particularly deep frown lines are popular for men too. These lines can often give the impression that a man is aggressive/angry. The guys equivalent to resting bitch face! Dermal fillers can help replace lost volume caused by ageing, but the most popular treatments I have delivered are jawline definition non surgical rhinoplasty and tear trough (dark circles).

Men can find a whole host of support at Morton's Barbers, from cheek filler to counselling, it's a one-stop shop - and safe place - to support men's wellbeing.

Are men more self-conscious than women?

That's a tricky one for me to answer as a female but I do believe men are AS self-conscious as women. I believe there is more reluctance to talk about things that bother them. I have witnessed this across the different health care settings I have worked in. I'm hoping to provide a safe option for access into medical aesthetics, but also a friendly face to provide advice and support if required. It's never just a treatment, at each consultation I assess medical history and lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise and sleep patterns. If required, I offer referrals to allied health professionals within my treatment pathways, understanding that if my patients are happy and healthy I can offer outstanding results. 

Thanks Marie, we think this is all a brilliant idea! If you want to book in with Marie you can do here or here (if you don't want to go to the barbers) and if you're looking for someone closer to home you can search here.

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