Bryony Elder

Bryony Elder


I’m Bryony, the owner and director of Ametrine Aesthetics. I have been trained in facial aesthetics since 2016 and practicing as a dentist since 2013.

I have experience working within private and NHS dentistry as-well as working within hospitals with facial reconstruction.

I am passionate about people, and I see facial aesthetics as a tool to create the beast version of yourself. Facial aesthetics needn’t be ‘one size fits all’, your face is as unique as you are.


LOVE using Bryony for my lips. I am an extremely nervous person with zero pain threshold- literally zero. Bryony is always so calming and reassuring with me, I love that I can get the numbing anaesthetic which also doesn’t hurt at all when going in. Once numbed you literally can't feel a thing and even I can relax. I like a more natural look and no one can tell my lips aren’t my own which I love! It’s amazing how much more confident I feel when I’ve been for a visit. Thank you so much for that.

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