Ruth Strachan

Ruth Strachan


I'm Ruth owner of Bio Clinic. I opened in June 2018 with a vision to offer a less aggressive approach to medical aesthetics with the emphasis on offering results driven treatments which will not only enhance looks but overall health and well-being. The ultimate goal of helping clients become the best version of themselves inside and out!

I have worked in Health and Wellbeing for over 20 years. When I left school I trained and worked as a Beauty Therapist in a large salon in Aberdeen where she specialised in Non-Surgical face-lifts and weight loss therapies, this clinic was advanced for its time offering some electrical treatments which are still popular today.

After a few years I decided I needed a new challenge and undertook my Diploma in Nursing, after gaining a couple of years experience in the hospital, with a passion for patient teaching and preventative health I moved into specialism in of Public Health whilst continuing to work within the NHS. I spent 11 years in the NHS before leaving to pursue a career in Medical Aesthetics.

After gaining experience in one of Scotlands top aesthetics clinics I realised where my passion lies, with a holistic view of skin and health and a less aggressive approach to skin and over all health and wellbeing. I am passionate about empowering clients to take control back through diet, lifestyle and treatments to enhance overall health and wellbeing.

My approach and philosophy is “Do no harm”, I only believe in using products and treatments which do not pose any unnecessary risk, are clean, free from chemical nasties but that dont compromise on efficacy or results. I am also passionate about nutrition and health and the links dietary intolerances and nutiritonal imbalances can have on health.

Whatever your goals are from skin rejuvenation to weighloss or overall health improvement I offer a unique holistic approach to achieve your desired results and assist clients truly become the best version of themselves.


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