Blemish is a Private Medical Aesthetic Clinic which is managed by the clinicians who perform the procedures. We combine dermatology's specialism with cosmetic procedures which help you improve and enhance your natural beauty. Whether you want to treat a medical skin condition or imporve your skin's appearence, there are a huge number of different skin treatments available. We will guide you through the choices and explain what can be acheived with each one. Each new client will receive a detailed consultation before any skin treatments take place. We offer the most up-to-date and affordable non-surgical cosmetic and laser skin treatments as well as a range of skin care products that will help care for and enhance your skin. We aim to offer a friendly and cost effective service with continuity of care from experienced practitioners using the most up-to-date therapies and technologies. TREATMENTS AVAILABLE: Wrinkle reduction with Botox Dermal Fillers including hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse), Juvederm and Teoysal. Revolumisation with Sculptra Superficial skin peels using Glycolic Acid Medium skin peels using TCA peels TCA "only Touch" for keratoses Periocular/ perioral peels using "Lip & Eye Formula" by Skin Tech Vascular and pigmented Lesions treated by 585 nm IPL and ND Yag "Lumina" Hair Reduction treated by 650 nm IPL and ND Yag Microsclerotherapy (treatment of veins on lower limbs) Nepage / Mesotherapy Photodynamic Therapy using Omnilux Blue and Red LED Minor Surgery Dermatology consultation and treatment Pre-op cosmetic surgery consultations and post-op care Treatment of Recalcitrant warts and verrucae Genuine Dermaroller treatment to improve scaring, stretch marks, fine lines and works in combination with various other treatments to enhance results

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