Charlotte Claydon

Charlotte Claydon


Hi! My name is Charlotte and I am the lead midwife at C.C Aesthetics. I am a member of the NMC and JCCP registered and have a wealth of experience in the medical sector as-well-as the aesthetics industry. The safety of my clients is paramount, so I ensure I am using the best techniques and products to give you the optimum results. I love to empower people look and feel amazing; self love is so important for many reasons but also has a huge impact on mental health too!

It couldn't be easier for you, as a client, all you need to do it book a no-obligation consultation and I will handle the rest! I look forward to seeing you at the clinic soon!

-Charlotte x


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  • Charlotte Claydon
  • Meadowside Lodge
  • Cambridge
  • CB21 4TW

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