Clinic Sese

Clinic Sese


Sese is about you. About helping you realise your version of your best self, herself, himself, yourself.

Clinic Sese offers Advanced Aesthetics, nutrition and 'Sese slim' our medical weight loss programme. Specialists in pre-pregnancy and post natal weight management.

Whether sculpting your face, smoothing your hands or looking after your body, at Clinic Sese there is no one-size-fits-all. Each self is recognised and acknowledged as unique and this is the essence of Clinic Sese. 

The link between positive self-image, increased self-esteem, self-confidence and an improved psychological wellbeing and psychosocial function has been comprehensively researched. At Clinic Sese this forms the foundation of our innovative approach to our treatments and the key to you achieving fantastic results.

We believe feeling good about yourself comes from building a unique relationship between you and your clinician. Our holistic programmes of treatments are tailor-made for you. Blending empathy and medical expertise with injection artistry, vision and insight, always with the highest level of care. 

We understand creating your vision of your best self is a journey and however long or short, we support, we encourage, we educate, we create.

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