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De Novo Medical

De Novo Medical


Do you find yourself looking in the mirror and feeling a disconnect between the way you look and the way that you feel? De Novo Medical is headed by Dr Kyra Drinnan, an experienced NHS GP, who strongly believes in a holistic approach to aesthetics and skin care. Dr Drinnan believes in empowering busy, professional women to reconnect with themselves by supporting and educating them through a bespoke aesthetic journey.

De Novo Medical offer tailored treatments for an array of cosmetic skin problems and their ethos is to provide safe, professional and ethical aesthetics and skin care. The have carefully chosen all their products and devices and only use the most reliable and the safest on the market.

As busy professionals, you rarely have time to worry about yourself and your appearance. De Novo Medical takes on that worry for you. Time is precious but so are you.


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De Novo Medical

De Novo Medical , Bunbury, CW6 9PS