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Dr Ahmed El Muntasar

Dr Ahmed El Muntasar


Dr Ahmed El Muntasar (Dr Ahmed) – the most followed aesthetics doctor in the UK, with over 550k Instagram followers – has established himself as the go to aesthetic practitioner amongst VIPs, influencers and models alike. 

Working out of his aesthetics clinics in Mayfair London, Leeds and Manchester, where he attracts hundreds of clients every year, Dr Ahmed is one of the few aesthetics doctors that has mastered Instagram and utilised it as an effective business tool. His friendly, playful and welcoming personality combined with his unrivalled precision to detail which delivers flawless results each time, has led to him amassing a legion of hundreds of thousands of loyal clients who happily share their experiences. 

Using social media to grow his practice and connect directly with his clients, Dr Ahmed has created an engaging and informative platform sharing videos of aesthetics treatments, celebrity content, live Q&As, client testimonials and inspiring stories. With a dedicated ‘blessedbyahmed’ hashtag, hundreds of Dr Ahmed’s clients have proudly shared the stunning results of his non-surgical aesthetics treatments on Instagram, leading to many global beauty brands seeking collaborations with Dr Ahmed.  

Most recently, Dr Ahmed has been approached by Sinclair Pharma, an international aesthetics company, to be the global face of ‘Perfectha’ - a tailor-made range of Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers. This will see Dr Ahmed’s before and after client pictures used in a global marketing campaign. 

Originally from Libya and fluent in Arabic, Dr Ahmed was ambitious from a young age which saw him start university at 16 years old; making him the youngest student at St Andrews, Scotland. He then completed his post-graduate medical degree in Greater Manchester, and has since gone on to complete additional training through the British Association of Dermatologists and Royal College of Surgeons. His work has been presented at national and international conferences, leading to publication in several world-renowned journals. 

Alongside running his successful aesthetics practises, Dr Ahmed is also a NHS doctor and returned to working on the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic at Warringon Hospital, Cheshire. His great passion for clinical research has seen him focus on patient safety leading the Quality Improvement Committee for East Lancashire Teaching Hospital, acting as a driving force for constant innovation and prioritising patients’ interests. 

Highly involved in medical education, Dr Ahmed is currently enjoying completing a MSc in Medical Education and leadership at University College London. This builds on previous experience acting as a local Teaching Lead for senior University of Manchester medical students.


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