Dr Alina Suplacan

Dr Alina Suplacan


I have Graduated in 2009 MMD after 6 years of full-time Study at the University of Medicine

Victor Papilian, Lucian Blaga in Sibiu, Romania.

I have worked a few years as a Supervised Dentist since 2003-2009 at University Army Hospital Where I have learned most of my Dentistry Skills.

After graduating in 2009 -2011 worked as a Private Dentist providing the best care to my patients in the city I was born Sibiu Transilvania.

Since 2011 in the UK have worked full time as a General Dentist in several Dental Surgeries and in particular - Oasis Dental Care providing NHS and Private dental treatments.

During this time I have been in contact with Successful Cosmetics Dentists colleagues from Valencia and Germany and continuously learning and improving my skills by visiting their offices.

In 2015 I developed my interest in Facial Aesthetics, Cosmetic Dentistry & Orthodontics.

All started as a hobby after I Completed one year certificate in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry at Dr. Paul Tipton Academy in London and Manchester.

Since 2015 I am providing all areas of Facial Aesthetic treatments and Rejuvenation and I am continuously passionately learning and joining new courses to learn every new procedure available.

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Dr Alina Suplacan

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