Kully Bassi

Kully Bassi


Dr Kully Bassi appreciates the benefit facial aesthetics can have on the overall well-being and confidence of his patients. His experience spans over a decade and boasts advanced surgical training in Otolaryngology (ENT surgery) and membership into the Royal College of Surgeons. Dr Kully Bassi successfully completed additional qualifications in injectable cosmetic surgery from the world-renowned professor Bob Khanna Institute of Facial Aesthetics. Dr Bassi’s skills of dexterity and holistic consulting help him understand his client's wishes and achieved precise, safe and reliable results.


I would definitely recommend Dr Bassi to other's who wish to consider aesethetic procedures.

When looking to get anti wrinkle treatment to slow the ageing process I chose Dr Bassi as he is medically trained. After showing the areas on my face that I wanted help, he shared his profressional opinion and fully explained the process. Dr Bassi talked me through the results that could be achieved making me feel comfortable and at ease.

He was also able to answer questions I had regarding the process. I was pleased with the result and was also reassured with a follow up appointment.

Berenice M

As someone who had always had a naturally youthful appearance it was diffcult to accept I was starting to age on face. A chance meeting with Dr Bassi at the gym led me to finding out about his anti wrinkle treatments from a qualified professional at affordable prices.

Since my first treatment I have regained my confidence and am enjoying being able to get back on the dating scene. Highly recommend Dr Bassi.

David A


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