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Farah Kanji

Farah Kanji


Dr Farah has a passion for skincare and takes a holistic approach with her patients, not just focusing on the area of their face that she is treating. She has a strong belief that the skin is the foundation and canvas to any cosmetic work and a good skincare routine is imperative to achieving great results and preventing the signs of ageing.

She aims to always produce natural-looking results and tailor her approach to enhance the existing features of each individual, rather than transforming them. She always carries out an in-depth consultation to understand the needs and expectations of each patient.

Dr Farah is a caring clinician and works well with nervous patients. She likes to take the time to explain everything thoroughly, putting them at ease and ensuring that they are equipped with the information necessary to make decisions with regards to their treatment. This personal touch allows her to provide safe, effective and reliable results to her patients.


I’ve had my lips done multiple times by Farah and I absolutely love them. Farah is extremely professional and made sure I was comfortable with the procedure before and continuously throughout. No adjustments were made without my consent and I was handed a mirror at all stages to see how it was going and if we felt we needed to add more filler in any sections.

What I love is that it’s a conversation and Farah really listens to your needs and tells you what will work best for your face shape without going overboard. The market is so saturated and I thought they’d look unnatural so I’d never previously thought of getting my lips done until an event I went to where I met Farah and I’m so glad I spoke to her as I cannot get enough of my lips.

Most people don’t know I’ve had them done and they all comment on how natural they look. Thank you Farah

Maryam S

I recently had a treatment with Dr Farah for my gummy smile and frown lines / forehead. I’d been researching Botox for some time before the appointment and looking for the right Doctor as I wanted to ensure I was in safe hands. Following a recommendation from a friend and learning of Dr Farah’s dentistry background which means she really understands the anatomy of the face, I found myself confident to place my trust in her.

I highly recommend Dr Farah, She has made subtle and natural improvements to my appearance so it’s not obvious that I have had something ‘done’ but so many people have been commenting on how well I look! This is exactly the subtle improvement I wanted.

Claire D


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