Lizzie Tuckey

Lizzie Tuckey


Dr Lizzie built up her medical experience in the NHS. During her training, she pinpoints her work with onco-plastic breast surgery as the moment she realised its power to transform. Dr Lizzie went on to undertake a post-graduate study in Aesthetic Medicine, deepening her knowledge of the skin and facial anatomy. Gaining experience from courses on London’s Harley Street gave her pioneering expertise in facial remodelling, and Dr Lizzie continues her proficiency with a post-graduate certificate in Dermatology.

A member of the Royal Society of Medicine, and an affiliate of the British Association of Cosmetic Medicine, Dr Lizzie has trained with the founder of Botox and world-renowned plastic surgeon Dev Basra; and for two years she shadowed Dr Michael Prager in his Knightsbridge clinic, learning from this well-established Doctor regularly featured in Tatler. Dr Lizzie turned her attention to the subtle intricacies of skin rejuvenation, and now she combines her expertise with innovation, and her growing client list reflects her light- touched skill in this area.

Meeting Dr Lizzie is an experience designed to allow any apprehension to fade away. Her vast amount of training and expertise speaks for itself, but it’s in talking to Dr Lizzie herself that her enthusiasm and skill shines through, opening a world of transformative natural enhancement.


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