Dr Zeena Skin & Wellness Clinic

Dr Zeena Skin & Wellness Clinic


Welcome to Dr Zeena Skin & Wellness Clinic.

Our aim is to restore your confidence by extracting the beauty that is unique and present within you.

At the clinic, we will address your various skin concerns such as ageing, acne/rosacea, sensitive/dry skin, and hyperpigmentation. We can then provide you with skincare advice, facial aesthetic and skin rejuvenation treatments such as skin injectables (dermal filler and wrinkle relaxing treatment), microneedling, customised chemical peels and mesotherapy.

Medical grade skincare products by Alumier MD are also available to purchase in clinic or via the website.

Please note, the above are subject to a no obligation consultation, wherein you can discuss with your practitioner your concerns and expectations, the treatment procedures involved, costs, etc. A treatment plan will be formulated to tailor to your specific needs and will only be carried out after you have consented.

You will be assessed and treated by a medically trained professional, so rest assured, you are in good hands.

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