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Elle Jay Aesthetics

Elle Jay Aesthetics


Our treatments include anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers, fat dissolving injections, PRP and iPRF a injections and bio gel fillers made from your plasma; facial treatments for acne, rosacea, ageing and wrinkles; dermaplaning and mironeedling; Biorepeel facials and spongilla spicules - a biological microneedling facial and of course plasma fibroblast.

Botulinum toxin - this is a treatment that temporarily paralyses the muscles to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and give smooth looking skin. It has been safely used since the early eighties.

Dermal Fillers- there are many different brands of filler on the market now. They are all made from hyaluronic acid which occurs naturally within the human body and plays a massive role in tissue regeneration.

Fat dissolvers (Aqualyx or Deso) are exactly that- they are made of an acid that literally dissolves particles of fat, liquefies them and allows them to be drained through the lymphatic system.

PRP - platelet rich plasma or PRF - platelet rich fibrin, made from your own blood, either microneedled or formed into a gel and injected just like a HA filler into wrinkles and for structure. No risk of allergy and vegan friendly.

Acne scar treatment with special cannula techniques.

Plasma fibroblast for tightening the skin- scar reduction, skin tag removal, wrinkle reduction, mummy tummy stretch mark treatment and much more!

All set in the second oldest building in Worcestershire!

Hay fever injections and vitamin injections and infusions carried out in a CQC registered practice in Bewdley and soon in the Cotswolds.

Coming in April PDO threads in The clinic at Bewdley. Contact me for more details.

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Elle Jay Aesthetics

Clinic 66, 66 High Street, Bewdley, DY12 2DJ