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Marie Fuller

Marie Fuller



Fabulous treatment,

Lovely Marie made me feel comfortable and was friendly.

I feel amazing!

Thank you

Susan T

All of my adult life I have been self conscious of my side profile because of having such a small resceding chin. As middle age hit me my cheek area started to hang like jowls and my chin area (or lack of) was disappearing into my neck skin.

After speaking with Marie, she put me at ease and we discussed a plan of action to get me feeling more positive about my looks.

We started with a bit of botox to my brow lower forehead area and then some fillers in my cheeks and chin area.

The results where instant and hardly any bruisng. I then decided to treat myself to a small about of filler to my lips to finish off. Thank you Marie for giving me back my MoJo xx

Jo D


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    Treatments for Lines and Wrinkles
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    Marie Fuller
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    Marie Fuller
    Treatments for Lines and Wrinkles
    3 areas
    Marie Fuller