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I have worked in aesthetic medicine for over twenty years. I was once a full time family doctor and I developed an interest in aesthetics as a side line. This became more engrossing as our techniques developed and the results started to become exceptional. I helped set up the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors which eventually became the the British College of Aesthetic Medicine. I was on the committee for over six years and at one time I was their Chief Examiner. I helped set up the certification process to try to guaranttee high standards of care from all our doctors. I was integral to the setting up of those standards.

I am now in the enviable position of being 'semi-retired'. I only work three days a week as I enjoy my time off and enjoy helping to look after my grandchildren and spending time in my garden. I am frequently asked by my longer standing patients, 'you're not going to retire properly are you?' and the answer is always that I enjoy my work too much to stop it all together.

I hope that I am approachable and easy to talk too and understand. You will quickly realise that the most important things are your needs and wants and I will always do my very best to provide them.


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