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Every Face..tells a story

Every Face..tells a story


Dr Nimrit Sanghera

Every Face Medical Director and Founder

I set up Every Face skin clinics to offer a patient centred, rounded approach to the delivery of aesthetic medicine. My firm belief is the patient should be treated as a whole and we can only improve and address an individuals self confidence if we treat them as such.

As the clinics medical director I am personally responsible for delivering all treatments and seeing the patient through from the start of their treatment journey to the finish.

I firmly believe in maintaining a strong doctor - patient relationship, built on mutual respect and trust, which I hope will endure for year to come.

I am passionate about providing my patients with access to the most innovative and effective treatments available on the market ensuring them the satisfaction they deserves

Paramount amongst all the above is my commitment to deliver treatments safely, reliably and with full transparency.

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Every Face..tells a story

Unit 5, Chatham, ME4 4ZJ