#Flawless Aesthetics

#Flawless Aesthetics


Hi I'm Angie Lawrence (BSc Hons, BABTAC, CIDESCO, CIBTAC, IDI, ICA a skin care therapist and midwife.

"My goal is to build self-confidence in women and men of all ages, striving to create natural looking results that promote beauty and health."

I use advanced injection techniques to correct and restore facial proportions to a more youthful state. As we age, the internal structures of the face begin to shrink, causing the skin to sag. Expert placement of facial FILLERS and Botulinum Toxin can support and lift the skin again, and when combined with advanced skincare treatments are able to reverse the signs of ageing.

# Flawless aesthetics is the concept of medical aesthetics for women and men that enhance and complement the facial features working with the face rather than against them. We have all seen the images of people who no longer look like themselves and look fake and plastic. #Flawless aesthetics wants to work with you listening to your needs and wishes to create a look that you are happy with enhancing your best qualities and improving what you may not be totally happy with. After 25 years of working within the beauty industry I have found that beauty is an art and when working with cutting edge medical fillers and Botulinum Toxin it can build confidence and self esteem as well as making you look younger and fresher. Its all about the has she hasn't she look rather than everyone knowing what has been done.

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