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FTT Skin Clinics

FTT Skin Clinics


Our FTT Skin Clinics team’s goals are to maintain our excellent standards from the moment you get in contact with us initially, to your consultation through to treatment and beyond. We are hugely committed to providing the very best treatments by exceptional practitioners to you. We are a fully registered clinic not only with Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) but also with Save Face.


Is simple. Since our conception in 2008 we have always strongly believed in delivering the best in clinic treatments and home care products to our patients from all over Scotland and beyond that are safe, efficacious, effective, giving beautiful, consistent, natural, results time and time again in luxurious, clinical environments. Our core philosophy is to advise, support, guide and help you throughout your medical aesthetics journey with us.


Is friendly and sincerely Scottish. We enjoy being part of our long term patients life, no matter how small a part and to our new patients and followers, welcome, take a moment to read through our website and get to know us. We look forward to meeting you very soon.

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FTT Skin Clinics

25 Bothwell Road, Hamilton, ML3 0AS