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Rabia Gilani

Rabia Gilani


I'm Rabia Gilani. I qualified as a Pharmacist in 2017, I went on to specialize and prescribe in the field of Dermatology working in a GP Practice. I felt passionate about the positive difference I could make on the quality of life of patients through proving treatments for their skin conditions. This lead me to medical aesthetics where I found I was able to make an even bigger impact than skincare and prescription medications alone. My journey into aesthetics began with MATA in Harley Street where I trained in foundation filler and toxins. I then continued to expand my knowledge by completing a range of training based around skin treatments. I take pride in only using the best equipment and always support my treatments and safety protocols with scientific evidence to make sure my clients are being treated safely every single time!

My passion lies in continually improving myself as a practitioner and providing amazing results by merging science and art.


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    • Rabia Gilani
    • 1 Spa View Road
    • Sheffield
    • S12 4HE