Lisa Hurst

Lisa Hurst


Welcome to Graceful Aesthetics & Wellbeing. Our clinic is within the Shard Riverside which is set on the river back with picturesque views overlooking the river Wyre. This beautiful setting offers a discreet, nurse led clinic with a difference, as we adopt a holistic approach to aesthetic treatments by encouraging our young and mature patients to embrace our vision and embark on a GRACEFULPOSITIVE PRO-AGEING journey. We are all individuals, we are of varying AGES,  different GENDERS and different SKIN TYPES. We all have an INDIVIDUAL BLUE PRINT and different LIFESTYLES. All these factors make us unique. Therefore, the way in which we address your concerns and devise your treatment plan needs to be UNIQUE, just like you. Often patients don’t realise the impact stress, diet, the menopause, pregnancy and medication etc can have on your skin, which again is why a holistic consultation and treatment approach is so important. Here at Graceful Aesthetics & Wellbeing we have a team of professionals we can signpost you to, to help you address all your concerns. SO IF YOU……………. Dare to believe in yourself! Dare to reveal yourself! Dare to dream about yourself! …………we Dare you to put your trust in us, embrace our vision and embark on a journey of ‘GRACEFUL POSITIVE PRO-AGEING’ by booking a consultation today. Believe it or not, but by just taking this this step, you will also be inspiring others. It is never too soon or too late to experience the magic of our GRACEFUL WAND

Graceful Aesthetics’s & Wellbeing offers a welcoming, clean, non-judgemental and relaxing environment. We are fully insured, governed by the Nursing Code of Conduct (NMC) to ensure patient safety, transparency, confidentiality and professionalism at all times. During your visit you will be encouraged to ask lots of questions. This is because it is imperative that you understand all of your treatment options, treatment expectations and realistic outcomes, possible side-effects and complications. All of these points will be discussed with honesty so that you can make an informed choice. We don’t expect you to commit to a treatment on the day, as any aesthetic treatment requires you to process all of the given information with careful consideration. But if you do book a treatment, rest assure as you will be in safe hands. 


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