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Nikki Zanna

Nikki Zanna


Nikki is the founder of Halo Aesthetics and is the Clinic's Lead Aesthetic Nurse. Nikki is highly skilled with over a decade of experience in Aesthetics. With her natural artistic flair Nikki has developed an Artistry in Aesthetics™ approach to ensure your results are beautifully balanced and natural looking every time.

Nikki is a highly skilled practitioner who specialises in Injectable Treatments including Anti-Wrinkle Injections, Dermal Fillers, Profhilo, Sculptra, Ellanse, 3-Point Facelift, Lip Enhancement, Tear Trough Treatment, Cheek and Jawline Augmentation, Fat Dissolving Injections, Skin Boosters and Non Surgical Rhinoplasty. Nikki is a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses and is well respected within the Industry for her commitment to safety and quality.

During your Consultation Nikki will use the Artistry In Aesthetics™ approach to assess your features prior to treatment and will look at your face from all angles to check the balance, symmetry and proportion, before recommending a treatment plan. So much is possible and often the small changes make a big difference. For example, you may think you have a big nose but when we check your balance and proportion we find that you actually have a small chin and when we correct your chin your nose 'shrinks'. Or maybe you think you have under eye bags but we find that you have lost volume in your cheeks - yep you guessed it, we add volume to your cheeks and your eye bags disappear! It is this experience and knowledge which allows our clients to correct their perceived 'faults' and still look completely natural.

During Consultations many of our clients express worry that if they have a treatment they will look 'done' - the reality is that you won't look like a different person but you will look like a much better version of you.

Nikki has a thorough understanding of the ageing process and has helped thousands of clients to regain the confidence they have lost, which is why her clients come back time and time again.


It’s always a pleasure visiting Nikki, I never fail to leave delighted and have full confidence in Nikki. Her artistry is second to none and her advice is invaluable! Highly, highly recommend!

Lisa J

Friendly and professional as always. Nikki gives a great service and I never feel pressured. Would not go anywhere else. Nikki will always give you an honest and informed opinion. I can highly recommend the clinic.

Alison G


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    • Nikki Zanna
    • 401 Silbury Boulevard
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