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Dr Avnit Mahal

Dr Avnit Mahal


Having first-hand experience of the challenges of problematic skin, Dr Mahal recognises the transforming impact of skin health and aesthetic medicine. He has completed a master's level qualification in aesthetic medicine with Harley Academy before establishing Javivo Clinic alongside Dr Lad. Javivo® are passionate about skin health and empowering our clients to feel confident. Dr Mahal uses his experience in dermatology and aesthetic medicine to understand his patients' concerns and has a wealth of experience using injectables, skin peels and medical micro-needling. Dr Mahal continues medical training in the NHS and is currently working towards a master’s qualification in dermatology. He is always building on his aesthetic medical knowledge to ensure he can continue to provide safe, cutting edge and effective treatments.

"Every patient is different. Understanding their concerns and goals is the foundation of any bespoke treatment plan for them. Being able to safely and ethically manage a range of cosmetic and skin concerns for my patients is hugely fulfilling"- Dr Mahal


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    • Dr Avnit Mahal
    • 18 Lloyd Steet
    • Lloyds House, Third Floor
    • Manchester
    • M2 5WA