Kelsey Bailey

Kelsey Bailey


****Please be aware I am in 2 locations so be sure where I am before booking :) ****

CANARY WHARF *** 2 Cochrane House, Admirals Way, E14 9UD

SAWBRIDGEWORTH *** 33 Knight Street, Sawbridgeworth, CM21 9AX

24th July Canary Wharf Clinic FULL

26th July Canary Wharf Clinic FULL

31st July Canary Wharf Clinic FULL

7th Aug Canary Wharf clinic

14th Aug Sawbridgeworth Clinic

21st Aug Canary Wharf Clinic

28th Aug Sawbridgeworth Clinic

Hello there

I am Kelsey, the Nurse practitioner and owner of KB Aesthetics London Ltd

If you're on Glowday, you obviously care about having registered experienced clinicians to perform your treatments so you have come to the right place!

I started KB Aesthetics London, to show that aesthetics does not have to look 'fake' or 'overdone' but can also be subtle and enhancing. Our main goal is to boost your confidence and give you a little piece of the real you back by providing safe and effective non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

Most importantly I want you to feel reassured that you are in safe and professional hands as I know taking a leap like this can be worrying and make you nervous. If its something you have thought about and have not taken the plunge with yet, no need to dive in straight away, you can always book a consultation so we can go through what your needs are and the most suitable treatment for you or head to our instagram page or website for more information.

- Kelsey @ KB Aesthetics London Ltd


Best clinic in East London! Kelsey is really friendly and professional & walked me through everything. My results were amazing, can’t wait to go back!

Grace C

I had considered Botox treatment for a while but always had reservations in respect of finding the right practitioner and environment. My initial consultation with Kelsey changed that, I was so impressed with the time and effort to talk through what I wanted and also more importantly the time and effort she took explaining the process which put me at ease. I thinks Kelsey’s health and medical background adds an additional layer of confidence and she immediately put me at ease. The consultation and medical assessment was so thorough and professional and completely removed any concerns or reservations I had in terms of wanting to proceed with the treatment.  I can say I am absolutely delighted with the outcome, it has made such a difference and i cannot recommend highly enough Kelsey and her team at KB Aesthetics. I only wished I had gone ahead with it sooner and will definitely be returning for further treatment. Overall an amazing experience and Outcome.

Alison D


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    Treatments for Lines and Wrinkles
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