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Dr Chris Scales

Dr Chris Scales


Our Story

Kiri Aesthetics was formed to try and challenge the status quo in the aesthetics industry. We wanted to try and set a new benchmark for care and quality services delivered. Our founder Dr Chris, having spent his professional career in the medical industry, knew there was much he could personally do to influence this ever-changing industry.

The first clinic opened in Bolton, Manchester and since then the business has grown and developed, adding new groundbreaking services and solutions to help aid a wide range of people suffering a wide range of conditions. Despite the ever changing landscape of the industry, our ethos has always (and will always) remain the same - it's all about you.

Our objective is to try and help you achieve what you want in life by helping you feel the best possible way about yourself and we do that by ensuring that the service you receive is done so in the safest, most professional environment possible.

About Dr Chris

Having been born and bred in Kent, Dr Chris relocated north for university and graduated from Leeds medical school in 2003. Dr Chris had initially trained to be a surgeon specialising in orthopaedics and trauma but went on to become a GP. Having worked as a GP for many years, Dr Chris had developed a wealth of experience in both surgical and medical specialities and he even spent time in Washington DC USA working for a trauma team. In recent years, Dr Chris has since been specialising in Aesthetics which is where Kiri was born. It has since grown into one of the UK’s most exciting aesthetics clinics with a reputation for quality service and aftercare.


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    • Dr Chris Scales
    • Newlands Estate
    • 315 Chorley New Road
    • Bolton
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