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Kirkland Lodge Clinic


Considering any kind of non-surgical aesthetic work can be intimidating at first. The industry is flooded with pictures of badly performed cosmetic work and media coverage of botch jobs.  Time and time again I hear my patients tell me it is hard to know where to go for for reliable information about treatments. 

We are different. My passion is educating you to make informed choices about the ever changing world of aesthetic medicine, what will work best for you and empowering you to make choices about your treatment journey.​ I specialise in treatments that are painless, injection sites that are virtually undetectable and most importantly results that are natural. I am a big believer of not changing your look but enhancing and redefining key areas to harmonise the whole face. The result should be one that makes you feel refreshed rather than completely different.

Our clinic values

Treatment? What treatment?!

We are experts at creating truly natural looking results. We specialise in treatments that are painless, injection sites virtually undetectable and most importantly results that are natural.

Bespoke treatments

All of our treatments revolve around you. We carry out a detailed assessment of each clients individual concern and goals to allow us to put together a plan that is truly personalised to you.

Exceptional level of service

We strive to offer a Harley Street level of clinical professionalism and quality here in the East Midlands. After having worked for many years in central London as an Aesthetic Doctor Dr Mehta wanted to bring that level of care, luxury and clinical excellence to the East Midlands here at Kirkland Lodge.

Driven by you

We believe in education and honesty, to ensure you are well informed before any treatment. We aim to educate you on how your face changes over time in relation to treatment options making you well informed and empowered to make choices about the treatment options available to you.

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