Dr Anoob Pakkar-Hull

Dr Anoob Pakkar-Hull


Dr Anoob Pakkar-Hull (MBBS, MRCA, EDRA, AAAM), Founder and Director at Laila Aesthetics is a Medical Aesthetic Consultant with a passion for leveraging his medical expertise to perform medical-grade aesthetic treatments. He is also an Anaesthetist for the NHS, with a proven track record of over 25 years.

Despite his background in Medicine, Dr Anoob gravitated towards aesthetics and developed a particular interest in shape, form, balance and symmetry. He decided to embark on a journey, undertaking a Basic Foundation Course consequently investing in further advanced training, obtaining the American Academy of Aesthetics Medicine’s (AAAM) Certification, Diploma, and Board Certification (their highest qualification). He is also an Accredited Trainer for the European Society of Regional Anaesthesia, and also guest lectures at Leeds University.

Laila Aesthetics was founded with a mission to offer a wide range of safe, state-of-the-art, and medical-grade aesthetic treatments and has already gained a loyal client base in successful practices in Leeds and Kendal.

With his patients best interests at heart, he prides himself on working with utmost care and dedication to enable his patients to not just look good, but to feel great. His background as an anaesthetist allows him to rely on over 25 years of medical experience, ensuring his clients are in safe hands.


Dr Anoob at Laila Aesthetics is just fantastic! I can't recommend him highly enough. I was nervous about having botox again as the first time I did my forehead was too frozen and I felt it made me look tired as my eyebrows didn't move! Dr Anoob was wonderful, took plenty of time to explain everything to me, listened to my concerns and we devised a plan to do a little bit at first and top up as necessary. I now have a smooth forehead that still moves and looks natural and have been going back to him ever since.

I have also now had cheek fillers done with Dr Anoob and love them! Again, he explained everything, listened to the effect I wanted, talked it through and achieved the look naturally.

Dr Anoob always checks in on you to see that you're okay afterwards and we have a follow-up appointment. Just a great guy whose brilliant at what he does from beginning to end.

Alison L

On my first visit to Laila Aesthetics, I was very unsure about having any cosmetic treatment as you hear so many stories of things not turning out as expected. First, they explained everything in detail what their procedures were and how they worked. Second, they looked at my completion and explained how they would go about doing within reason what I required, how they did things over a short time and nothing would be rushed, so I agreed I have now been with Laila Aesthetics, for over two years, having treatment slowly my skin looks and feels great everybody I meet say how well I look and how my complexion looks so fresh also they also wished their skin looked as good. I have mentioned to one or two of my friends and they are very keen to have a consultation and hope to have treatment. I have never been pushed into having anything done without talking about it first, in fact, been advised not to go ahead with it, giving me the reasons why which I appreciated. The most important thing is I trust them 100 per cent, I would never go to anyone else. Trusting someone with a needle in their hands to inject any part of your face knowing they are fully qualified, experienced with different age groups, and would not do anything that wasn’t right for you. Personal treatment, care, trust that is what you get as well as fantastic results, and perfect aftercare. Name given if required.

Lynn J


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