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Lindo Aesthetics

Lindo Aesthetics


At Lindo Aesthetics we offer bespoke treatment plans. Each client is assessed by a fully qualified registered nurse to ensure each treatment is tailored entirely to meet each client’s specific needs. Our highly skilled staff are fully trained and insured. Guaranteeing that your consultation and treatment are only carried out by Aesthetic Nurse Specialists.

We pride ourselves on our confidential and professional service.

Proprieter Louise Smith has 20 years experience as a nurse, alongside teaching at the local universities.

Louise is extremely proud to be a master trainer for the globally renowned Louise Walsh International, having travelled the globe teaching students how to use the world famous Plasma Pen.

Louise is also an Approved regional trainer for 4T Medical & Clinicare, delivering Microneedling, and Dermaplaning Training

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Lindo Aesthetics

29C Knighton Lane, Leicester, LE2 8BG