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Mary Munro

Mary Munro


Hi ! I'm Mary and I am one half of Notaro Aesthetics based in Somerset. I have been nursing for 12 years in the NHS. Graduating from the The University of Manchester in 2007 with my Honours degree for adult nursing working in acute medicine. Me and my family moved away from Manchester to Somerset 8 years ago and I have worked in the hospitals in the surrounding areas, mainly focusing on emergency and acute departments as a bank and agency nurse. I decided that I was finally ready to take the leap into aesthetics after around 2 years of contemplating it.

I did my basic aesthetics training in Plymouth and developed Taunton Aesthetics and jumped straight to it. Immacoloata has been my prescriber and mentor since i first qualified and after a year working separately we decided we should work together as a unit full time as we perfectly complemented each other with our skills - we developed Notaro Aesthetics!

I have loved every minute of this career and found a hunger for more knowledge, skills and progression. After completing my advanced training a year and half after my basic training, I still wanted to learn much more and in depth as this branch of nursing is so so much more than just injecting peoples faces. I chose to do a one of a kind Mastery Programme over a period of 18 months at Skin Viva in Manchester to which i am still training. This course will take me to an exceptional level of quality, care and knowledge basing our treatments around the medical model for dermal filler and toxin related treatments.

I am incredibly passionate, I listen, I laugh, I cry with you, and you will ! Aesthetics can change people from within, not just on the surface and that's why i love it so much !

So go on, come and have a chat !


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Mary Munro
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