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Kornelia Hauck

Kornelia Hauck


Perpetual Aesthetics Ltd is a private practice based at Harley Street no 1 and currently within discreet home settings in West Hampstead. Led by Nurse Independent Prescriber, Aesthetics Practitioner and Holistic Therapist – Kornelia Hauck.

Hi, I'm Kornia.

I've earned the nickname one day for being especially focused on a client and having them in a center of my eye at all times...I kind of have it in my name already.

Visiting me at my home settings you’ll find yourself in a comforting, warm and confidential environment with the time to enjoy a tea and a cake while having a medical consultation.

My focus is on your Skin Regeneration but also your Wellness. Our beauty starts from within! Therefore, I value the whole person – the real individual and see the best in their personalities before I can make it physically visible by improving their futures.

Honesty is a cup of tea that I like to share with each of my clients.

Compliance on the other side is what I would expect in return.

An established relationship and ongoing support during the rejuvenation process make the crown that I carry out proudly.

I use innovative injectable Medical Aesthetic Treatments where Clinical Excellence and safety are the priority in my practice. My extended knowledge in Vitamin Supplementation will certainly help you avoid too early visits to the GP.

Thanks to 32 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, 10 years in the Aesthetic field with an Independent Nurse Prescriber title, thorough research, continuous study and development but also partnership with the most trusted suppliers of safe and effective products like T-Lab, Allergan, HA Derma, Fusion GT I can help to accelerate the natural healing process and slow down the ageing process of your skin and overall wellbeing.

I love wild horse riding on the beach, swimming in open waters and snowboarding when on holiday but I also enjoy my daily routine of yoga and meditation. Politics make me feel unsafe so I avoid watching the daily news, however, I believe that every one of us can have a part in making the world a better place as long as we keep healthy and beautiful.

This perpetual purpose is propelling my heart!

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Kornelia Hauck

Perpetual Aesthetics, 1 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QD