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Dr Rielle Longhurst

Dr Rielle Longhurst


Dr Rielle graduated from Liverpool University Medical School in 2017 and has since worked across various medical and surgical specialities. She began Level 7 Medical Aesthetics training with the renowned Harley Academy in 2020. In her role as Clinical Assistant at Story Clinics Marylebone in 2021, she gained experience with some of the industry’s most distinguished practitioners.

Fusing her passion for artistry, beautification and delivering clinical excellence, Rielle London was founded. Dr Rielle works closely with clients to tailor elevating results. Her desire is that you leave the clinic feeling elegant and revived thus, she is dedicated to achieving age appropriate results, delivered in a low risk manner.

Dr Rielle loves to dissolve the stigma associated with cosmetic injectables. Often the “botched jobs” are portrayed in the media, lending to this stigma. In reality, when done well, aesthetic treatments, look natural and seamless, in addition to remarkably enhancing a client’s self confidence.

Her favourites treatments include profile balancing and lip enhancements. She also has a keen interest in facial feminisation/ masculinisation procedures.  

Say hello to your new best friend that does Botox <3


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