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Sean White

Sean White


Sean White BSc (Hons) AKC RN is an advanced aesthetic practitioner and founder of Sean White Aesthetics, in Herne Hill, London. Sean White Aesthetics offers Harley Street standards of facial rejuvenation and aesthetic expertise, in the heart of South East London.

Sean began his journey in the field of aesthetic medicine in 2016 and has trained with a varied range of well-respected industry experts. Sean spent over 10 years in the NHS as a life support provider in adult and paediatric critical care before training in the techniques of administering Botox, dermal fillers and one of his keen interests – hair loss treatments.

Sean was mentored by Dr Wassim Taktouk, a leading figure in aesthetic medicine for over a decade and shares many of the same philosophies that Dr Taktouk possesses, including a natural approach to facial rejuvenation and restoration and a ‘light touch’ for beautiful and natural results. Sean believes that being honest and open with his patients about the treatments he can provide and expected results is the key to his success thus far. Sean has a passion for facial harmonisation and carefully considers the balance of the face and proportions, to offer optimum results without ‘over’ treating or producing outcomes which are less than natural-looking.


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