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Skin NV

Skin NV


Welcome to Skin NV!

We would like to welcome you to the start of your hair & skin journey. Within this journey, we would like to offer you clinically-proven theories, medically-researched products and evidence-based non–surgical treatments. All whilst feeling comfortable and reassured in the safe hands of Dr Natasha Verma.

Here at Skin NV, a holistic approach is encouraged, therefore we will provide lifestyle & nutritional advice and a bespoke skincare regime when we first meet you. An evidence-based treatment plan that suits you and your lifestyle will be created to unlock your skin’s true potential and ultimately bringing about a natural result.

Let's promote skin confidence together!

Meet Your Practitioner


Skin NV

Imperial Health Wellness Clinic, 2 Larkfield Road , Richmond upon Thames , Tw9 2PF