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Skinox Coventry

Skinox Coventry


Amit Shah, Director, Co-Founder & Trainer (MPharmS, PGDip, Advanced Aesthetic Practitioner)

Has worked in various sectors of the medical field – Community, Hospital & GP Practice. He has a wealth of experience in Aesthetics and he is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others. He is also the Director, Founder & Principal trainer at the Medical Aesthetics Academy which trains healthcare professionals – Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, Nurses etc. He has established many clinics and is also on a Government-approved register as an accredited & safe medical aesthetic practitioner. His passion for safety, care and quality form the backbone of our treatments. He has a keen artistic eye that considers various facial proportions with respect to facial anatomy, facial animation and facial plans and by selecting the correct product he is able to achieve the best results for our clients. He is a popular choice of practitioner amongst our clients!

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Skinox Coventry

57 Belgrave Road, Coventry, CV2 5AX