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Carley Bradford

Carley Bradford


Tony. Nikky. Carley Aesthetics

TNC Aesthetics

Located at Lakeside Lodge Golf and Country Club in Pidley, Huntingdon

Three Emergency and Aesthetics Nurses here to tend to your Aesthetic needs!

Prior to becoming a nurse I was a beautician and became addicted to knowledge and helping others.

This has since over spilled into a teaching course to better teach and support others through their journey as an aesthetics practitioner and my own prescribers course with the support of our in house prescriber Nikki.

I believe that you will choose a practitioner based upon them and you personally, I am committed to supporting you on your journey to achieve overall end results.

I believe the future in aesthetics is to look at the holistic picture and as such, as a team we have created a clinic which will support your skincare needs both intrinsically and exotrinsically with treatments ... but we have gone a step further to offer you lifestyle support via the medium of life coaching to help you maintain and create positive change to get the most out of your treatments and experience.


“Carley looked after me ... the amount of care and dedication towards me was brilliant, she made me feel safe and comfortable ... always asked if I needed anything and went the extra mile.”


“My experience with TNC Aesthetics was amazing from start to finish. It can be a very exciting but daunting experience to embark on any type of aesthetic treatment, especially for the first time but Carley made me feel completely at ease and she not only has a great bedside manner but really listens to what you have to say. Her work is absolutely fantastic and she did not ‘over sell’ any extra work that was not asked for!

Initially, my consultation was to have botox into my 11 o’clock lines and a little filler in my lips. Carley listened to me regarding my concerns that I didn’t want to look ‘over done’ and her work looks so great, natural, and enhanced my features, giving me a more youthful look. Since my first visit, I have returned to Carley to fill my nasolabial lines as well as treat the lines around my eyes, again this work was flawless and with minimal discomfort. I have received countless compliments about how well I’m looking’ and would, without a doubt recommend Carley for any treatment and will definitely be visiting again.”



You can select up to five treatments


    • Carley Bradford
    • Lakeside Lodge Golf and Country Club - Sports Hall
    • 1st floor
    • Huntingdon
    • PE28 3DF