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Sharad Nakarja

Sharad Nakarja


Understanding beauty and its significance in history allows us to truly appreciate how important it is to individuals in the modern era.  Ancient greek philosophers (such as Pythagoras), linked a strong connection to mathematics and beauty.  They stated that objects related to the golden ration (1 : 1.618) were deemed more attractive.  This theory alone demonstrates how a systematic approach can be used to develop a more beautiful appearance.​

Our clinician Mr. Sharad Nakarja was trained by Harley Academy alongside Pharmaesthetics-UK,  to become a versatile professional.  As a level 7 injector and a master in prescribing Sharad has a particular skill-set tailored to Aesthetic treatments.  

Trained by top aesthetic doctor: Dr. Giorgia Ratta, Sharad is a graduate of HARLEY ACADEMY aesthetic practice. ​As well as having great attention to detail and an artistic eye, Sharad is an independent prescriber with a pharmaceutical background.  This means Sharad will CONSULT, PRESCRIBE and TREAT.​


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    • Sharad Nakarja
    • 13 Broadwalk
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