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The Beauty Doctors

The Beauty Doctors


At The Beauty Doctors the clue is in the name. You’ll only ever be treated by GMC registered doctors, qualified and insured in advanced aesthetic treatments and skincare.

We believe that aesthetics is about more than ‘1ml’ or ‘line chasing’ and we will treat your face holistically, not to make you look younger, but to make you look and feel better and more vibrant. You’re not a Mr Potato Head so we don’t do ‘Lips, Cheeks and Jaws’ but strategically place products where it is needed to enhance what you already have or to restore what you may have lost.

And don’t forget your skin. Injectables are all well and good but if your skin looks like a leathery handbag then you won’t get the best out of your treatments. We use medical grade and prescription only products to get the best from your skin. Perfect skin is a myth but getting the best skin FOR YOU can definitely be a reality.

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The Beauty Doctors

5 Tillingdown Lane, Caterham, CR3 6RU