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Shelley Folkes

Shelley Folkes



I have visisted Shelley several times in her clinic to address my skin concerns (ageing, dryness) and have always found her to be completely professional, knowledgeable but at the same time so empathetic. She has recently provided me with a bespoke skincare package and I am achieving fantastic results already. I can not wait for her fabulous clinic to open up again for more face friendly visits!

Donna H

I feel like this review should be titled the diary of the Aesthetics Cynic or perhaps from Cynic to Pom Pom waving fan; I first came to Shelley feeling pretty hopeless but still desperately seeking a way to cure my adult acne that did not involve extremely strong drugs. The results for that were incredible but something else even more magical happened. From the moment I stepped in, the care, attention to detail, ethics, vast knowledge and results, transformed how I felt about aesthetics. Not through Shelley’s suggestion, ever, that’s the thing you see, I have never once been suggested a treatment I did not ask about first. My confidence in her abilities and seeing the results of other clients meant my cyclical eyes began to open. I realised that in Shelley’s hands I could look like the best version of myself. That treatments exist to do a little correction that would not change the way I look but rather just make me glow. I am so excited that I can grow old gracefully AND have aesthetic treatments!

Faye G


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