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The Skin Consultants Liverpool

The Skin Consultants Liverpool


The Skin Consultants was formed to try and challenge the status quo in the aesthetics industry. We wanted to try and set a new benchmark for care and quality services delivered. Our founder and Medical Director Dr Chris, having spent his professional career in the medical industry, knew there was much he could personally do to influence this ever-changing industry.

The first clinic opened in Bolton, Greater Manchester and since then the business has grown and developed, adding new ground-breaking services and solutions to help aid a wide range of people suffering a wide range of conditions. Despite the ever changing landscape of the industry, our ethos has always (and will always) remain the same - it's all about you.

Our objective is to try and help you achieve what you want in life by helping you feel the best possible way about yourself and we do that by ensuring that the service you receive is done so in the safest, most professional environment possible.

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The Skin Consultants Liverpool

88 Rodney Street, Liverpool, L1 9AR