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For the last 15 years I have been working as a Dental Surgeon with a particular interest in cosmetic procedures. Despite my love of all things dental, most of my friends and family will vouch for the fact that really I am just a frustrated artist. In truth, I should have gone to art school and would have ideally ended up with a Turner Prize or two! Instead, I went to dental school. Thankfully, that turned out wonderfully, and I love it to this day - however, I decided to merge my love of medicine with my appreciation of all things artistic and beautiful.

Naturally, as a dentist I am used to handling injectables - we use them day in, day out. Dentists by the very nature of their training have a complex, in-depth knowledge of head and neck anatomy, an eye for detail and a steady hand. My medical background and passion for everything artistic, assisted by a keen eye for detail, led me down the path of medical facial aesthetics - so here we are.

​I do not buy into the thinking that we all have to look or be a certain way to attain beauty - I truly see beauty in most things and believe every patient has their own unique version of beauty. Visage Medical is about giving an honest, gentle, thoughtful and bespoke service that focuses on prevention, correction and enhancement that allows people to be their version of beautiful.

More often than not- the best treatments, are the ones that nobody realises you've had done- and that's certainly the outcome of my less is more approach. My treatments are carried out in a discrete, home based clinic in the centre of West Sussex.

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