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Dr Mariam Adegoke

Dr Mariam Adegoke


I am Dr Mariam Adegoke, Founder and Advanced Aesthetic Practitioner at The Adegoke Wellness Clinic. With a medical background in General Practice, and a passion for skincare, I founded the clinic to be a holistic centre for mind, body and face. At two years old, we now have locations in London and Cornwall and are continually expanding. My motto - less is more. My areas of interest are beautification, skincare and skin rejuvenation.


Dr Mariam is now the only person I trust to perform any clinical/aesthetic treatment. Not only is she knowledgeable and professional, she has her clients’ best interests at heart. This means she will make sure your Botox/filler goals are achievable and deliver on them. She also knows the best techniques and products; as a result my skin is pretty much perfect now.

Sarah G

Dr Mariam Adegoke helped me to understand my skin and what I needed to do to keep it healthy and looking the best it can be. She’s a great practitioner who has a fantastic knowledge of treatments and who cares about her patients. I’ve recommended Dr Adegoke to all of my friends!

Yinka L


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    • Dr Mariam Adegoke
    • 98 Crawford Street
    • London
    • W1H 2HL