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The Glowday team

Every business says it's different and it has a unique team...

...but in an industry dominated by medical professionals and public sector experience, the team at Glowday completely shatters the status quo. 

We’re a bunch of people who have built careers in technology and marketing both on agency side and in senior in-house roles, working with some of the UK’s biggest household names including Admiral,, Purplebicks, Pure Electric, Lloyds, British Gas and Amigo Loans.

We understand that building a successful business is about solving problems. For Glowday it’s two-fold. We're providing a tech platform that enables practitioners to run their clinics seamlessly and efficiently. Simultaneously, in what is a fragmented, confusing and unregulated market, we are providing consumers with a sexy, simple and safe way to book aesthetic treatments. We also provide the tools for practitioners to run their clinic effortlessly.

Glowday’s CEO, Hannah Russell, is a former science teacher and advocate of non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Hannah identified a problem in the market that women like her didn’t know where to find or how to book safe cosmetic treatments and practitioners - often institutionalised from state based health care - were inexperienced and unconfident in servicing and marketing to consumers. 

Alongside her husband Joby Russell, who as a former director at Purplebricks and, has had significant success in fulfilling a marketplace, they set about building a team capable of developing and delivering a solution - the UK’s first aesthetics marketplace and clinic management system. The team, which has a vast range of experience in technology, financial services, pharmaceuticals, clothing, and even electric scooters - and with core skills in coding, brand marketing, digital marketing, design and communications, has rapidly built Glowday into what is now the UK’s biggest booking platform for non-surgical cosmetic treatments.