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Derma-MaK Aesthetics

Derma-MaK Aesthetics


Welcome to North Tyneside based Derma-MaK Aesthetics providing you with non-surgical aesthetical treatments that enhance your natural beauty.

Derma-MaK is passionate in making you feel rejuvenated and good about yourself whilst providing the optimum non-surgical aesthetic treatment that works in harmony with you.

When considering undergoing an aesthetic procedure it is vital that you choose a medically trained health care professional who regards your safety as paramount.

Derma-MaK has your safety as a core value and will be with you every step of your aesthetic journey.

At your face to face consultation you will complete a health questionnaire and a consent form. This process allows you and Derma-MaK to ask and answer questions with the aim for you to be fully informed about your treatment.

I look forward to meeting and providing you with enhancements that will work for you.

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Blue Flames Sports & Conference Centre
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