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Facial Attraction Aesthetics

Facial Attraction Aesthetics


Facial attraction Aesthetics is by Tasha Callender a qualified and registered Aesthetician. In addition Tasha has a strong nursing background in cosmetic surgery and critical care. Tasha Callender of Facial Attraction Aesthetics qualified in Botulinum Toxins Type A and Dermal Fillers having trained with Acquisition Aesthetics in London and identified as:“A natural, talented Injector”.Tasha has always been intrigued by the philosophy of beauty— a phase which belongs to the definition of ‘Aesthetics’ “A set of principles concerned with the appreciation of beauty”.

With a good eye for detail, meticulous in her work and extremely creative, Tasha is able to tap into someone’s else’s beliefs regarding their own beauty and aesthetics, in order to build self-esteem and confidence.“I love making people feel good about themselves”.  Tasha’s strives for natural aesthetic enhancements she still want you to look like you.

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Facial Attraction Aesthetics

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