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Shabaaz Iqbal

Shabaaz Iqbal


Shabaaz Iqbal is the founder and director of SkinQ. With over six years of experience as a pharmacist and independent prescriber in both primary and secondary care, he is constantly striving to provide professional, safe and effective treatment for all those under his care.

Shabaaz has undergone training provided by the most prestigious aesthetic and cosmetic medical professionals alongside the renowned Harley Academy Group in London. He endeavours to develop his practice with up-to-date techniques, so every person receiving treatment has a truly personalised consultation and outcome that is best suited to them.

With SkinQ, you can expect individualised care tailored specifically for you. Every treatment is carefully considered and delivered following appropriate consultations, where you will discuss all you need to know.


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    • Shabaaz Iqbal
    • 152C Radcliffe Road
    • Nottingham
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