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Stephanie Laing

Stephanie Laing


It's crazy to think I have been practising facial aesthetics for 13 years, so much has changed.

​I first attended a Basic Facial Aesthetics training course back in 2007 on Harley Street in London on the delivery of Dermal Fillers and BOTOX injections. Over the past 13 years, my knowledge and experience in facial aesthetics has grown exponentially and it was as a direct result of my popularity and excellent reputation that I made the decision to open Aesthetics By Stephanie.

I am proud that I can now deliver Advanced Facial Aesthetics including advanced botulinum toxin, cheek chin tear trough and jawline filler and handling complications.​

With the introduction of new skin-boosting and fat dissolving treatments, there are exciting times ahead.



After years of suffering from wrinkles on my forehead, it was time to make a change - I took the plunge and had them sorted with Botox.

After all this time, why hadn't I done something sooner? Honestly, I have no real reason for this other than procrastination. I kept saying I would do it and never got around to it. Now that I've started my treatments, I'm a regular! I'll never allow myself to go back to where I was.

With so many beauty clinics and others providing facial aesthetics treatments, why did I settle for Stephanie? Simply put, I was recommended to Stephanie from a good number of people. I think the fact that she is so professional speaks volumes and puts you right at ease.

From the online booking, to the thorough consultation, the professional advice and kindness, my overall was uplifting, reassuring and left me with a new sense of confidence that can't be described.

I guess if you are reading this, you are thinking, what impact has the treatment had on me? My treatment has changed my whole character. I can smile happily knowing that my wrinkles aren't creasing and my gummy smile isn't showing. Even if no one knows I've had a thing done, I do and I've had compliments regarding my glow.

I would 100% recommend Aesthetics by Stephanie and have already done so to many people. I have 100 % confidence when recommending her and knowing my friends and family will be pleased with the outcome.

Thank you for everything you have done for me Stephanie, I will always be a client of yours.

Linsey W


I started to notice those lines and changes which happen over time and got to a point that I wanted to see what was available to help minimise the things I wasn't happy about.

Before embarking on any treatment I had to first get over the usual hurdles I guess everyone goes though; the fear of the unknown and what would could go wrong, not to mention that aesthetics treatments are expensive, would it be worth it?

I can confirm that it definitely was!

So how to move forward? Well, I looked for someone that was local, clearly had the experience to answer my questions and whose prices for their range of treatments and combination of packages were competitive.

I settled on Aesthetic by Stephanie and my experience has been hugely positive, I can't speak highly enough of Steph, with her professional background and approach, the welcoming treatment area, she puts clients at ease by explaining the stages in treatment as well as aftercare.

As for my results, I feel more confident in myself, less daunted about the signs of ageing, feel more in control.

The only downside is that I want to try even more different treatments as Steph achieves great things!

wendy D


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