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Maeve Kenningham

Maeve Kenningham


I am an Aesthetic Doctor and my clinic is in the beautiful countryside of North Wales between Chester and Wrexham. I set up my award winning clinic in 2012 where I deliver the highest standard of aesthetic procedures with the most reputable products. I deliver rejuvenating procedures that tackle facial aesthetic concerns and I deliver a natural look with a mix of several treatment modalities from my non- invasive ’tool box’ eg: Botox, dermal fillers, bio-stimulators, threads, double chin reduction (Aqualyx), medical peels and pharmacy grade skin care. My patients often want natural results and are delighted when they leave my clinic with a skip in their step!

I fell in love with aesthetics back in 2012 when I was researching it for my own aesthetic needs. I was a busy GP with 2 small children and was juggling home and career but this was was taking its toll on my 40 year old face.

Once I delved into the science, technical skill and artistry I was hooked! I saw an exciting and interesting new speciality that continues to evolve with new products and delivery. I think it suits me so well because it allows me to incorporate my holistic medical training in General Practice with the skills and knowledge I have in Dermatology (as I have been a speciality doctor in dermatology, have qualifications and held a teaching position in dermatology for Cardiff University) whilst building a trusting relationship between my patient and me.

Aesthetics can be a hugely rewarding specialty to work in and can make massive changes to people’s self-confidence and life. I love being part of it. Your face is the window through which the world sees you. It’s time to look after it. Come and meet me and see if I’m the right aesthetic doctor for you.


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