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Priya Rasalam

Priya Rasalam


I’m Dr Priya, and I’ve been a dentist since 2003. Some people are confused about dentistry and aesthetics working together, but the two professions go hand-in-hand. I am very well educated in facial anatomy and have a deep understanding of the structures and vessels beneath the skin, and I am extremely experienced with using a needle! When I look at your face I’m also assessing what’s going on underneath it and I’m not afraid to admit I’m a perfectionist!

I love giving my patients the feel-good-factor, and the visual aspect of my work is so satisfying. I think that the aesthetics industry found me rather than me find it, I was meant to do this!

I adore being able to use my abilities and skills and extensive medical knowledge in facial anatomy, to give people like you looking for treatments, an amazing result. My specialty is Profhilo, antiwrinkle treatments, dermal fillers. These treatments are the perfect combo! The way in which they can restore and enhance your natural beauty, is incredible.

I’ve completed a significant amount of training in both dentistry and aesthetics, I take real pride in my work, and I consider myself to be ethical, realistic, focused and determined to always give you the absolute best result.

I would love to welcome you to my clinic.

Dr Priya x


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    • Priya Rasalam
    • 21 Hoads Wood Gardens
    • Ashford
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