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Wasif Razzaq

Wasif Razzaq


Did you know that practitioners who administer non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers arent legally required to have ANY qualifications? Would you risk your face with an untrained injector?

Have you had confidence issues related to your appearance? What would you like to change about your appearance if you were given 3 wishes? 

You can become the best version of yourself and instil your trust with a practitioner to deliver the best results. 

I'm Dr Wass, director of Dr Wass Skin Clinic. I run a fully insured doctor-led service and have been trained by the some of the industry's best injectors. My medical knowledge spans over 17 years and I have a postgraduate diploma in dermatology and aesthetics.

I started my career path in medical aesthetics in 2016 at the same time as my diploma in dermatology. I was attracted by the combination of science and art but was shocked at seeing botch jobs at the hands of unregulated practitioners. I decided it was what I wanted to do and lead the way for a safer industry.

Using a combination of wrinkle reduction injections, fillers, microneedling and skincare, you can have your physical & emotional needs met by a cosmetic doctor.

My ethos is to deliver your desired look in the safest manner possible with premium products to create a natural enhancement of yourself.


You can select up to five treatments


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